If you are suffering from tired, aching, and sore feet, a foot massage could be the thing for you.  Putting them up and away from their daily duties and giving them a soothing massage normally causes instant relaxation.

A foot massage is a massage session applied from the knees to the feet with a specific focus on the feet using foot reflexology techniques. You may be familiar with the term foot reflexology.  It is technically not a form of massage. It’s a separate practice that applies pressure to reflex zones on your feet that may affect your entire body.

Foot reflexology is based on the notion that our organs have corresponding reflex points on the feet.  When a reflex point on the foot is stimulated by pressure through thumb, finger and hand techniques, the stimulation can balance and normalise the physiology of the corresponding areas in the body.

From this notion developed a series of specific techniques to treat the intricate areas of the feet.  The techniques include: pinpointing, hook-in and back up, thumb, finger and knuckle walking, rotating and press, reflex rotation or pivot point, just to name a few.

We apply these techniques in combination with Swedish massage techniques to deliver a soothing foot massage session.

Benefits of foot-massage

Foot massage invigorates tired, aching, and sore feet.  More than just a relaxing massage to the lower extremities, the techniques strengthen the foot arches; mobilises the joints; increases flexibility, and releases tension of the muscles as well as improving circulation.  Pressure applied to the reflected areas on the feet may provide an appropriate alternative to normalising the functioning of internal body organs that cannot be reached directly.

What to expect

If this is your first visit, a few minutes will be spent understanding your expectations for the session.

The session commences with a relaxing warm foot wash to soften the soles of the feet followed by a visual inspection of each foot.  This aids the assessment of the areas on the feet, which is performed by applying pressure to the various areas on the feet.  Any sensitive areas are noted and will receive extra attention when applying reflexology techniques.

Next, the lower legs and specifically the feet are diligently massaged.  All you need to do is relax and enjoy.  A small amount of oil is used to aid the massage process.  If you have a strong personal preference against the use of natural oils, lotions may be used.

Please wear loose clothing to allow easy access from the knees downward.  You will be treated in a comfortable atmosphere and can expect a peaceful relaxing experience.  A full session lasts around 45 minutes.


The outcome of a foot massage is revitalised and relaxed feet.

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